Vision & Mission


Arts & Skills Institute is recognized as Saudi Arabia’s No. 1 global vocational education and training provider.


The mission of Arts & Skills Institute is centered on students, skills and staff (3 S’s)
To provide students with a positive learning environment and give them the opportunity to excel in the global employment market.
To provide industry and the community with highly skilled and well educated people capable of making productive contributions.
To provide a working environment that attracts and nurtures leaders in vocational education, training and services.

Institute Values

The values, which Arts & Skills Institute admires in its staff and reflects in all its business activities, are embedded in the plans of the Institute.
Service to students, other customers, the community and one another Excellence in everything we do, by adopting the highest professional standards Learning which contributes to our growth as individuals and as community Integrity through honesty, fairness, transparent communication and trusting relationships  Accountability to those we serve and each other Achievement by recognizing and rewarding achievers, creativity and innovation Equity & Access by providing people with fair and reasonable opportunities to participate and excel on merit Caring for the well-being of our diverse community and maintaining a balance between our personal and professional lives Teamwork which encourages participation and empowers people to exercise initiative and responsibility  Leadership which consistently inspires mutual respect and outstanding performance Continuous Development of staff, learning programs, our environment and systems