Arts and Skills Institute is an innovative and contemporary School of Art and Fashion in Riyadh. Opened in 2007, ASI prides itself on being the first Art Institute in Riyadh to provide diplomas in Visual Arts and Applied Fashion Design and Technology in a contemporary teaching methodology. ASI is a highly specialist art environment teaching innovation and originality to encourage student input and help us shape Saudi Art community.

Equipments and materials:

ASI have a high standard of equipment and emphasis on practical experience. Studios and workshops have all the tools needed to experiment and learn industry skills.


ASI Library opens its doors for all ASI students, researchers and visitors

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Library Rules:

  • Borrowing is allowed within the Institute only.
  • All users are expected to maintain all library content.

Additional Services:

  •  The Institute can provide you with other valuable books. Please fill the request form to prepare the requested books for you in an appropriate time.
  • Internet searching service is available.

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